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SKINN and YOU Jade Comb is specifically designed to massage the scalp, reduce tension and promote relaxation. It helps increase the blood circulation of the scalp promoting healthy hair growth, shine and reduced hair fall. Unlike ordinary combs, this comb is designed specifically for massaging the scalp to help stimulate meridians for relaxation, reducing fatigue and hair rejuvenation. This jade comb is suitable for all hair types.


Features of SKINN and YOU Jade Comb :

-Stimulating jade comb that helps massage the scalp and promote relaxation
-Stimulates meridians for relaxation and reduce fatigue
-Helps add volume and tame frizzy hair
-Increases blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth
-Strengthens the roots of your hair and nourishes the hair shafts
-Suitable for all hair types
-Use in light, circular motions with the jade comb to stimulate the scalp and promote relaxation.
-Focus on the areas you experience the extremist hair thinning.
-Focus on the areas near the ears and right above the neck to reduce tension.